Thursday, October 21, 2010

ape nk buat arini?

If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours forever. If it dosent, then it was never meant to be.

my L.O.V.E

my love.hmmm since 2/12/2008.and we're almost 2 years together.drpd suke jd sayang,drpd sayang jd cinta.alangkah bahagianya kalau kte dpt jd cm least sminggu 3,4 kali kua smakin lame smakin jrg dpt jmpe.lg2 skang ni sy nga study oversea.(oversea lahh sgt).HHAHA skang ni sbulan pon lom tntu jmpe lg.this time sy x dpt kua ngn awk.awk ckp xyah jmpe coz cuti sem lme.leh dpt jmpe puash2.then lgpon xde duet.x best kua.hmmm tp xpe least dye ad intention utk ajk aku kua.and for ur info,i LOVE u more than anything in this world syg.i promise.and thanx for everything that we've done together.the beautiful white gold ring that u gave to me.the flowers that u gave.i'm very glad to have u in my life syg.swear!MOHD DARWIQ AZALI B MOHD KHAIRI.i will love u till the rest of my life.gudnite sygggggg<33

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

nasya hudson?its me!

hello 1st post on my own blog.omg i cant i believe that i have a blog!its like very unpredictable.LOL
okay.enough writting in gonna write this in malay okay guys?hmmm okay2 1st thing aku x niat pon nk buat blog sendiri tp tbe2 je tgn aku gatal2 nk buat.lgpon aku mmg ske writting.soooo ape lg.heheeh =).act,aku nk explain why aku letak name aku on blog or FB nasya hudson.rmai tny why nasya hudson?okay aku akn explain.nasya tu sbenanye name aku nabila + sya that is my group name.tu yg jd nasya.and hudson tu plak aku saje saje letak coz nk bajet2 minah saleh.hahaha pdahal skit pon xdek mke minah saleh.haha so tu je reason nye.korang x yah la pk sgt k.hehe so dlm blog aku ni spe2 yg nk drop a comment,sila lah okay.hehee
ok lahhh thats all for now.gtg.btw i miss you babe.*wink*